About Purple Glows

Purple Glows is a brand created for stylish women who are determined to stand out!


We produce the most stylish eyewear protective/organizer boxes in the world - the first in history to have LED lights.


Purple Glows protective and organizer cases for eyeglasses are dust-proof with perfect cozy interiors to protect your eyewear lenses from scratching.  


Plus, an exterior made from durable materials to protect and extend the life of your eyeglasses. 


We give your sunglasses/reading glasses a better home!

Our Story

Purple Glows wouldn't exist without Arcilla, our one-of-a-kind energetic founder. An entrepreneur with a unique eye for design, color, and style…


Since age 4, Arcilla has shown a highly artistic personality…


She takes after her dad when it comes to her deep love for sunglasses…


Growing up, she watched her dad compile a beautiful collection of sunglasses, and he became a part of her inspiration for the Purple Glows brand.


Her mom, who doubles as her biggest fan, has always been present at every step to cheer her on.


The unwavering support of her family is a great motivation as she goes on a mission to make her dream come true.   


Arcilla was a student at the Art Institute of Michigan Design School where her natural talent was refined.


As a student, she was repeatedly celebrated for her individuality and keen eyes for details and patterns.


This encouraged her to explore the numerous things her creative mind is capable of. 


The purple Glows brand was born from Arcilla's creativity with the need to protect and organize eyewear.


Because eyeglasses are very helpful and delicate, nobody likes to lose them especially when they are of the luxurious type.


Over the past six (6) years of building her own collection of eyeglasses, Arcilla noticed that no matter how careful she tried to be, some of her favorite sunglasses ended up misplaced or damaged by dust or improper storage. 


She sought a chic way to protect and organize them in one place, to prevent them from getting misplaced and also keep them away from curious eyes and hands.


It wasn't long before she realized that lots of people, including her parents had this same problem with damaging or misplacing their eyewear.


After putting a lot of thought into this problem, Arcilla came up with a solution...the PURPLE GLOWS EYEWEAR STORAGE/ORGANIZER CASES.


This eyewear storage/organizer case proved to be the exact solution and with these cases, Arcilla solved her problem and that of many other eyewear users/lovers.


Now, all her designer eyeglasses are well protected and organized in a fashionable way, just on the top of her dresser. 


And Arcilla no longer has concern for dusty eyeglasses, scratched eyeglass lenses, misplacing her eyeglasses sitting on them or knocking over her eyewear case by mistake…


Rather, she proudly displays her beautiful eyewear collection in a gorgeous Purple Glows case. 


She is able to do so because Purple Glows premium eyeglass storage cases are very sturdy and handcrafted for excellence with maximum attention to detail.


At Purple Glows, we think Arcilla's success story should be yours too…every eyeglass user/lover deserves to enjoy their eyeglass(es) in a stylish way.


This is the reason why, when others delve into trends after trends, Purple Glows stands out from the pack by creating unique aesthetics… 


Motivated by Arcilla's passion and dream since childhood, Purple Glows has stepped in front of the crowd by introducing the world's most beautiful luxury storage cases for eyeglasses.


Just like our CEO, the Purple Glows brand is unique, bold, and strong…


An amazing brand that exudes strength, elegance, and style.




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